The NRCC's Red Zone





Nick Rahall

Democrat, West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District

Scouting Report

Nick Rahall has been in Congress so long, the first Super Bowl he watched as a Congressman was Super Bowl XI, when Kenny Stabler led the Oakland Raiders over Fran Tarkenton and the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s often said that when it goes, it goes quickly, and Rahall is proving that truism this year by voting for the “Progressive Budget,” which includes both a carbon tax and massive tax hike on the very coal industry that powers West Virginia’s entire economy. By voting for a budget too liberal for even Nancy Pelosi, it is clear that even Rahall knows it’s time to hang up his Gucci shoes after this season.


Elected: 1976
Team: Democrat
PVI Rating: R +14
Best known for ignoring his constituents and putting President Obama ahead of West Virginia.

John Barrow

Democrat, Georgia’s 12th Congressional District

Scouting Report

John Barrow is your typical say-and-do-anything-to-get-elected politician.

While Georgia families have been looking for a voice in Congress, Barrow has been giving them lip service in Georgia while siding with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama in Washington. With his vote for Obama’s failed stimulus program which costs families $800 billion, and his vote to keep the Medicare-slashing ObamaCare, Georgians know that John Barrow is not fighting for them.

John Barrow has admitted that he supported Obama 85% of the time, only proving that he is not an independent, but a rubberstamp for Barack Obama instead.


Elected: 2004
Team: Democrat
PVI Rating: R+9
Best known for being named “perhaps the most shameless, duplicitous, self-serving politician of his era” by his local paper.

Mike McIntyre

Democrat, North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District

Scouting Report

Mike McIntyre has been in Congress too long and has forgotten what it means to represent North Carolina values. McIntyre endorsed President Obama and even voted for Obama’s failed stimulus which allowed billions of our taxpayer dollars to go to foreign companies and even created jobs in China. The Pelosi Lap Dog McIntyre voted for higher taxes on Social Security, small businesses and middle class families.

Mike McIntyre represents the old, dysfunctional ways of Washington that means higher taxes and more government spending. McIntyre has sided with Nancy Pelosi and doesn’t represent North Carolina families.


Elected: 1996
Team: Democrat
PVI Rating: R+12
Best known for being the Blue Dog who has turned into Nancy Pelosi’s lap dog.

Collin Peterson

Democrat, Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District

Scouting Report

Collin Peterson likes to say he’s moderate, but on some of the nation’s most pressing issues – Collin Peterson is as rubberstamp liberal as they come. Peterson has voted for Cap & Trade and to bailout Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Most recently, Peterson voted for the President’s Sequester, and against legislation to replace it on two separate occasions.


Elected: 1990
Team: Democrat
PVI: R+6
Best known for his vote to keep ObamaCare the law of the land.

Jim Matheson

Democrat, Utah’s 4th Congressional District

Scouting Report

When you get beneath the surface, Matheson’s liberal loyalty is alarming.

Not only has he never voted for a budget that balanced, but he voted for President Obama’s failed $800 billion stimulus. He supports taxpayer funded first class travel, and voted for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.


Elected: 2000
Team: Democrat
PVI: R+16
Best known for never voting for a budget that balanced.

Ann Kirkpatrick

Democrat, Arizona’s 1st Congressional District

Scouting Report

Ann Kirkpatrick simply hasn’t gotten it done since she’s been in Congress. She’s developed a reputation as someone who doesn’t show up to work, and when she does, she votes for higher taxes, more spending, and against balancing the budget.

Like her friend Nancy Pelosi, she often praises bills without having any idea what is in it or who supported it.


Elected: 2008, 2012
Team: Democrat
PVI Rating: R+4
Best known for missing 16 votes in the first week of the 113th Congress.

Ron Barber

Democrat, Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District

Scouting Report

Ron Barber has only been in Congress for less than a year and it looks like he’s happy just to be on the team. Since his election, he has submitted only four bills and hasn’t passed one.

With voters in Arizona’s 2nd District looking for more leadership from its representative, voters are ready to send him home.


Elected: 2012
Team: Democrat
PVI Rating: R+3
Best known for having nothing to show for his time in Congress.

About The NRCC’s Red Zone

The NRCC will continue to play offense in 2014 and this will be most evident in the NRCC’s Red Zone, which is comprised of the districts represented by the most vulnerable Democrat incumbents. These Democrat targets are trying to fool their fans by sitting in (Bush/McCain/Romney) districts, but we continue to close in on victory. We came very close last season to defeating these members, falling just a few yards short as the clock ticked 0:00. These have been some of the strongest defensive players in recent history but our offense is better than ever and driving toward their red zone. Our playbook is ever changing to keep these liberal members on defense and with the 12th man (the American people) on our side, turnovers will be high in the NRCC’s Red Zone come November 2014.

Meet the Red Zone Team

Head Coach: Annie Kelly – Regional Political Director

Annie most recently managed Congressman Tom Latham’s successful campaign in IA-03, one of only two member vs. member races in the country.  She is also a veteran of Governor Tim Pawlenty’s political organization, working as Deputy State Director for his Iowa campaign, Operations Director for his PAC, and Deputy Campaign Manager for his 2006 reelection.  Her extensive campaign experience also includes working as a Senior Associate at BlueFront Strategies.

Offensive Line:

Daniel Scarpinato – National Press Secretary

A native Arizonan, Daniel Scarpinato started his career as a reporter for the Arizona Daily Star, covering the campaigns of notables including John McCain, Janet Napolitano and Gabrielle Giffords. He later served as editor of the politically influential Yellow Sheet Report. After making the leap to politics, Daniel worked on a number of congressional and local races. Before joining the NRCC in 2011 as Western Regional Press Secretary, Daniel was Director of Communications for the Republican Majority in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Katie Prill – Regional Press Secretary

Katie is beginning her second cycle as a Regional Press Secretary for the NRCC. Before her time at the committee, she served as Communications Director for West Virginia Congressman David McKinley. As a native Michigander, Katie got her start in politics working as Communications Director for a home state gubernatorial campaign and has since worked as Communications Director on senatorial and congressional races across the United States.

Ian Prior – Regional Press Secretary

Ian is in his first cycle as a Regional Press Secretary for the NRCC after working as Campaign Manager for Brendan Doherty for Congress in Rhode Island. Prior to getting involved in politics, Ian was a successful trial attorney in Providence, Rhode Island and Boston Massachusetts.

Alleigh Marré – Regional Press Secretary

Prior to joining the NRCC, Alleigh was the Press Secretary for Senator Scott Brown’s re-election campaign in Massachusetts. Alleigh also worked on the 2010 Massachusetts Senate special election and the 2010 gubernatorial race in Connecticut. Before her work in politics, Alleigh worked in Healthcare public relations for Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and specialized in communications for startup companies at BIGfish Communications.